Analysis I: Lecture 0

Welcome to the course blog for the Cambridge Part IA Analysis I course (Lent Term 2013).  I hope that this will be a useful resource to accompany the lectures, examples sheets and supervisions.  Please check back after each lecture.  You can easily find relevant posts using the categories on the right-hand side of the screen.  In addition, there is a course page with some useful information.  The examples sheets will appear on the course page as the term progresses.

The plan is that I’ll put up a new post just after each lecture.  Each post will have a quick summary of the topics covered in that lecture, with suggestions for further reading, plus one or more problems to get you thinking about the topics that will be covered in the next lecture.  Please do try these problems, as they will help you to get the most from the lectures (even if you don’t solve a problem, thinking about it will still be useful).  There will also be exercises that you can try to check your understanding of that day’s lecture.  Again, please do try these, as they will help you to work actively on your lecture notes and will get you thinking in the right way to tackle the examples sheets.

You are very welcome to leave comments (for me and for your fellow students) on each post.  For example, you might have your own suggestions for good places to read about the topics, or you might have another way to look at one of the ideas, or you might have a really good example that illustrates some interesting aspect of the material, or you might have a question that you’d like to raise.  I also encourage you to post to let me and others know how you and the people you’re working with have got on with the problems for the next lecture; please feel free to share ideas here (they don’t have to be complete solutions).

Of course, now I have to suggest something to think about before Lecture 1!  So here it is.  It’s a sheet of key questions that you should tackle before the lectures start or as the term progresses.  Ideally you’ll think about these questions before the lectures, but at the end of term you can use them to check your understanding of the course.


4 Responses to “Analysis I: Lecture 0”

  1. H D Hung Says:

    Come on I will follow you

  2. ga325 Says:

    To all fellow students:
    A very nice set of lecture notes for almost all IA courses can be found here
    They are from last year, so they are very appropriate!

  3. Alison Scott Says:

    Hi Vicky. I note that your “sheet of key questions” for analysis is stuck behind a Cambridge firewall — is it available elsewhere on the web?

  4. theoremoftheweek Says:

    Sorry, it’s not behind a firewall, it’s because I moved jobs and so my Cambridge webpages disappeared. There’s a link on my website (now at Oxford):
    Hope that helps!

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